Parakeet Pete Dangles Kaleidoscope
Parakeet Pete Dangles Kaleidoscope
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Parakeet Pete Dangles Kaleidoscope

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Pete loves the sunshine and his favourite spot is chilling in the coconut trees. Sunny days are his faves but he does not mind the occasional downpour. He is available in Kaleidoscope acrylic with either a gold mirrored stud top or a purple mirrored stud top. 
This foil acrylic is truly unique and no two pieces are the same. The coloured foil is set within the clear acrylic. This means that some sections of the acrylic may not contain the same amount of foil, as the other sections on the piece. Some small sections of the acrylic may be clear. This should not be looked at as a flaw but considered a unique characteristic of this type of acrylic. It is truly one of a kind!

Please note that colours may be slightly different due to your monitor colour calibration and resolution settings.

Measurements: Stud Top 1.5cm diameter, Body 6.5 cm, Total length 8cm

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