About Us

Welcome to OctoberSky & Co. 

I love accessories and jewellery. From the age of five or six, I used to admire jewellery and accessories that my Mum, my aunties and ladies around me wore and rocked so well. I remember thinking 'I am going to own that one day!' I hit my late teens and I was obsessed. Instead of owning pieces that other girls had, I liked the idea of owning unique pieces that maybe only a few owned too. 

I am a teacher and saw the need for others like me to own a lanyard that did not scream an AFL team or a large corporation, rather something personal and unique to rock on a daily basis.

October 2017 saw my love of accessories and jewellery move from admiring them to making them. This provided me with a creative outlet and 'zen time' while making pieces for family and friends. After some practice, I thought why not spread my love of making to everyone! 

Practical and pretty... that is my jewellery jam. I hope you love my pieces as much as I love making them. Stay fab!

Christiana x