Care Instructions

Find the care instructions of our various products below. Please contact us via email if you have any queries that are not answered in the below care guide.
Mind your Ssss - Remember to take me off before you shower, sweat, spray, sleep and swim. Please be gentle with me as you remove me from your gorgeous lobes, too much rough play could result in my earring post falling off. I would love not to be thrown around or to act as a prop to place other things on. If I need cleaning, gently wipe me with a jewelry cloth or soft cloth.

Please do all of the above (acrylic earrings care) plus the following - I am made from silk, suede or cotton and I like tender loving care. I like to be hung while I sleep. I get moody when I am laid down and I'll probably retaliate by changing my shape. Gently wipe my stud tops or acrylic dangly bits with a jewelry cloth or soft cloth.

Instructions before Use
Round Split Keyring: 

Your lanyard beads come loose to make it easier to attach your keys. After placing your keys on the metal ring, slide the beads down towards the metal ring to secure it.

Lobster Clasp Keyring:

Attach your keys to the lobster clasp.

Clip Keyring:

Attach your keys to the clip keyring clasp.

Lanyard Care Instructions

Slide beads towards plastic clasp on other end of lanyard. Loosen round split keyring, clip keyring or lobster clasp keyring. Loosen jumpring attached to tassels or acrylic piece, if any. Wash only the silicone beads and cord in warm soapy water, leave to air dry. Keep all metal pieces, acrylic piece and tassels away from moisture.


Push any acrylic or silver and rose gold beads towards the plastic clasp. Wash only the silicone beads in warm soapy water, leave to air dry.


Wipe the silicone beads with a soapy damn cloth. Take caution with the metal hardware, the acrylic or wooden feature piece or the tassel. Keep all components besides the silicone beads from exposure to water and moisture. Leave out to air dry.

**Please note that all our products are not toys and should never be given to an infant or a child to use as a toy.